Thursday, September 1, 2011

Samsung Droid Charge

The Samsung Droid Charge has some of the best specifications of any smartphone to date, which is why this phone will be the new industry standard. To begin, this phone has a HUGE crystal-clear display. It's 4.3 super AMOLED Plus screen is one the of the best screens you can get for a phone and because it has an 8MP camera you can view your high resolution pictures in full detail. With up to 32GB of storage(2GB built in) you can storage all your favorite pictures and music no problem. It also has a fast processor, the newest Bluetooth technology, an addition 1.3MP front facing camera and supports flash so you the entire internet at your fingertips. In my opinion, if you are a Verizon customer this is a great option if you want a killer smartphone.

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  1. We bought one of these. Excellent so far. By the way, nice blog!