Monday, August 29, 2011

Apple Iphone 4

The Apple Iphone 4, a phone for all people regardless of age, experience or profession. This phone started the touchscreen revolution and continues to make a huge impact in the smart phone market. Even though its earlier generations lacked key features, the Iphone 4 takes the cake in the endless popularity contest of having the latest Apple product. The specifications of the phone are quite impressive with up to 32gb of memory, a 5MP camera, an incredibly clear almost unreal screen resolution along with every other amenity in the book. In my opinion, this phone is a great phone for someone just starting out in the smart phone world but I wouldn't recommend it for someone who has experience. Another drawback is the price. If you already enjoy Apple products this phone is extremely recommended for you.


  1. I'm tempted to get one now because it can play Madden.

  2. Owning an iphone 4, I think that's a pretty accurate review. one think with the screen resolution, is that I can't stand it when i see an older iphone or ipad that doesn't have that amazing resolution.