Monday, August 29, 2011

Apple Iphone 4

The Apple Iphone 4, a phone for all people regardless of age, experience or profession. This phone started the touchscreen revolution and continues to make a huge impact in the smart phone market. Even though its earlier generations lacked key features, the Iphone 4 takes the cake in the endless popularity contest of having the latest Apple product. The specifications of the phone are quite impressive with up to 32gb of memory, a 5MP camera, an incredibly clear almost unreal screen resolution along with every other amenity in the book. In my opinion, this phone is a great phone for someone just starting out in the smart phone world but I wouldn't recommend it for someone who has experience. Another drawback is the price. If you already enjoy Apple products this phone is extremely recommended for you.

HTC Arrive

Just like the Samsung Focus, the HTC Arrive is another Windows Phone 7 device but what makes this phone better than the others is its slide-out QWERTY keyboard. My first Windows Mobile phone was a HTC Touch Pro2 which initially turned me into a HTC lover and we can see HTC is still making an impact in the newest smartphone markets. This phone offers superb battery life, screen quality and memory. It also has a 5MP camera and built-in GPS. For a Sprint customer looking for a new phone, this is the definite choice. Even if you're with another provider and your contract is up, maybe you should consider switching so you can get you're hands on this beastly smartphone.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Samsung Epic 4G

The Samsung Epic 4G. For the person who doesn't like the Windows or Apple platforms, this is clearly the best option. This phone boasts a huge 4-inch super AMOLED display and 16gb of storage(upgradeable to 32gb). With its speedy processor, it runs Android 2.1 without any hiccups so you won't have to worry about any "lag" or freezing. I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone looking for an easy to use interface without losing any features you would otherwise get from the other "tech savvy" smartphones.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Apple Iphone 3GS

The Apple Iphone 3GS was the first phone from Apple that made an impression in my eyes. The predecessors in the Iphone family lacked a fast processor, quality camera, significant memory and overall functionality. Everything that the 3G lacked, the 3GS made up for its older brothers imperfections. Especially now, with the 3GS only being $50, I would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a smartphone that is very easy to use. What I think makes the 3GS a good phone is that people with little experience can operate this phone quite easily because of Apple's easy to use interface. I would honestly stay away from the Iphone 4 if you haven't owned a smartphone before simply because of the price difference and the exact same software is factory loaded on both phones, so you're not missing any of the new features of the newest Iphone.

Comming soon: The Iphone 4/5 news and the shootout between the Windows Phone 7 and IOS 4.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Samsung Focus, Windows Phone 7

I've been using a Samsung Focus for almost a year now and I have to say I'm never going back. I've always been a fan of the Windows mobile interface even back to 6.1 but this phone takes the cake.
One of my favorite features of this phone is the built in Zune player. I've never used the Zune media player before this phone and even though I don't like the Computer interface I think the phone's Zune player is far superior to the Apple Iphone's player. The Focus takes beautiful pictures with it's 5MP camera and battery last all day browsing the web, sending texts and taking pictures. I would suggest this phone to anyone looking into buying a smartphone and I promise you will not be disappointed.