Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920: Full Review

Well, I've been using the Nokia Lumia 920 for a few months now and here are some features that I find extremely impressive and others that make me wonder why Nokia went the way they did.
The Good: 
Battery life - The battery life on this phone is quite good. Many of the initial reviews said they were having problems with consistent charge but i listen to music roughly 1-3 hours a day through my Bluetooth headphones and am pretty heavy on messaging and data. This phone can hold a solid 2 day charge on moderate usage days and 3 days on light usage. Very good battery performance 9/10

Reception/Data Speed - 4G LTE is the way to go.... It's blistering fast.... I've been doing a few speed tests throughout the month in different locations around the city of Chicago and this phone/At&t's network are giving me fantastic speeds consistently. 10/10

External Speakers - This thing is loud, it's loud but it's also very clear. I have never heard a phone that can get as loud as the 920 and still sound good. 10/10

Processor/Screen/Design - I think that this phone is very well designed, it can easily handle being dropped, and its all that you could ask hardware-wise but I'll get to the camera a little later... 7/10

The Bad:
Disclaimer: When I say bad I just mean that I've had some slight issue I'm not saying these things are a deal breaker.
Camera - I have noticed that the camera is very picky when it comes to taking close ups, as well as, when there is movement. Taking pictures of playful kittens running around is almost impossible. In order to take a picture of something a few inches away you MUST change the camera settings to close up mode and even then its a crapshoot. That being said, this camera is very capable of taking beautiful pictures and I think its worth the hassle of taking a couple more pictures to getting that perfect shot. 6/10

Outer casing - The feel of this phone is very nice and comfortable, but i have noticed that if your hand become fairly dry the phone has the tendency to slide right out if you're not careful. Also, don't ever plan on setting it on a non grip surface that's on an angle, IT WILL SLIDE. 6/10

This is a great phone, the best I've ever had. If you're looking for a nice device that can do anything you would want a smartphone to do this is the way to go.