Sunday, September 18, 2011

My experience with Windows Developer Preview (Windows 8)

The day the Developers Preview was released I couldn't decide whether to put it on my main laptop or my netbook... or both.. I decided to go with my Hp Compaq 6820s which at the time was dual booted with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.04. I deleted all partitions besides my main Windows 7 partition and did a clean install of Windows 8. My computer literally boots in 15 seconds.... If I had a ssd in it I wouldn't be surprised at all if it boot in under 10 seconds, that's how fast it is. So besides the fast boot time, I've used this developers preview for a solid 15 hours and have yet to have a single hiccup, I love it. The integration between the normal desktop and what they call the Metro UI is very friendly, especially if you have a tablet PC. If you have been debating on whether to try this out or wait for the official beta, here's my opinion. DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL NOW! I installed the x86 version but I'm honestly considering buying a tablet PC just because of this OS. I'll keep you updated with my experience but as of now I won't be using anything else.

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