Thursday, November 1, 2012

Microsoft Surface / Windows 8 RT

This last week I was able to get my hands on the new Microsoft Surface for a bit and boy was I impressed. Being a Microsoft fan I had pretty high expectations for their new tablet and I wasn't disappointed. Their design is quite economical and gives a feel of productivity. The RT version of windows 8 was complete and function quite smoothly, but I will say that I'm disappointed that it cannot run typical programs, though I completely understand there direction for a simple, smooth, responsive, workhorse tablet. If you want the tablet that will have the entire Windows 8 features you'll unfortunately have to wait for the Surface Pro that will have an Intel i5, which should provide enough speed for any user. The only thing holding me back from purchasing a Surface right this moment is that Microsoft will most likely drop the price once the Pro model is released so just wait a couple months you impatient bastards! Anyway, this tablet has a strong productivity vibe so if you're looking for a tablet that can edit documents, play games, and get work done with might just be the device for you. Check it out!

This picture shows the Surface with its attachable keyboard, it uses magnets for a secure connection, no plugs. Also notice the back stand which is built into the tablet. Check out the commercial and an official review courtesy of Engadget.