Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2012 Chevy Volt Review

This last week I've had the opportunity to drive and get fairly comfortable with a 2012 Chevy Volt and all I can say is this is a sweet car. My normal commute is around 100 miles round trip. This car can almost make the trip to work completely on a charge and when its plugged in all day at work will be pretty much completely charged for the ride home. It's very rare for this car to burn more than a half gallon round trip. One thing I've noticed is that traffic becomes your friend. Normally I would avoid any and all traffic no matter what but now it's saving me money. Getting past the obvious electric advantages, the interior of this vehicle is beautiful. Very stylish and comfortable. Technology wise it's making an attempt to be state of the art but isn't anything amazing. My father has had some difficulty getting used to the controls but that's a generational difference. Aside from the technology, interior and fuel economy, this car handles like a professional go cart, very tight suspension and entertaining drive style. In the end this car can be purchased used for around $20,000 if you wait for a good opportunity, patience is key. Overall, fantastic cheap electric vehicle. Go check one out for yourself.

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