Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Apple Iphone 4s

The Apple Iphone 4s. If you thought the Iphone 4 was impressive just add steroids and you'll have Apple's newest smartphone. This phone has a powerful Dual-core A5 processor, a built-in assistant called Siri, an 
8 MP camera with improved HD video recording and a new battery that suggests a longer talk time. From the people I've talked to everyone loves Siri as it is quite helpful and has a well designed interface. The only problem is that Apple is notorious for introducing a new product every few months so I would wait of the Iphone 5 to come out, but if you're looking for an easy to use device today and don't plan on upgrading anytime soon this might be the phone from you. This phone is available for At&t, Sprint and Verizon.

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